10 things that make me happy

29 08 2011

1.swimming pools
2.My birthday
5.Nanna and Granpa beacuse they tell jokes and somthing called Mr.hankerchief
6.God and Jesus
7.Mine and Gillis’ softtoys
8.Family and Friends

Building a construction crane

20 04 2011

First I built the base.  Then I put the lifting gear on the base.  Next I built the boom.  Last Dad joined the hook. I like my crane but it falls down.

Going to the mobile libary

14 10 2010

Yesterday I had fun going to the mobile library. I got some fun books and I like them because the pictures are fantastic. When we were going to the mobile library we met Dad and we all went.

After that we went to the park for ten minutes. I played on the skateboard park and it was fun going up and sliding down the big bits. And then we went to the normal park and I went on the swing. Dad ran past the swing and I tried to hit him but I got him once.

Finally we went home for piano lessons.

Thomas land

13 07 2010

On  thursday  I  went  to  Thomas  land.1st I had a snack.2nd I went on crazy  birte bus.3rd I went on the car/s.4th I went to emily’s indoor play area.5th I had lunch.I had some juice and some water, some crisps.I had some sandwiches.

Emily's indoor play area

1 04 2010

knock knock joke

29 03 2010

knock knock who/s there gang gang who gang of scooby doo;

what i did at school

8 03 2010

i did wuerd/s and a cad for mum i eat all my lunch


19 02 2010

I went to the swimming pool with my family and Nanna. I held onto Mummy’s hand in the swimming pool, diving into the pool. I got the broken clams from the water. Then I was swimming on my tummy. And then I tried to float.

scooby doo night of 100 frights

13 02 2010

Gillis   found   football   helmet      ON EDGE IN THE HEDGE   PART 6  and   could smash   through   webs   and   kill   monstairs

scooby doo and the zombie's

the tiger who came for tea

11 02 2010

On Tuesday I made some noodles.  Kyias, Gurpatap and Kiana made some. On work day Kyias, Kiana and Rahul and me made tiger masks.

Cos it was the tiger new year.